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We’ve been providing residential homes in Des Moines like yours with professional garage door repair and services for over 15 years! We service ALL makes and models of garage doors and openers in Des Moines . We work with the top garage door manufacturers in Des Moines, and because we’re a volume dealer, we’re able to beat the prices that most Des Moines companies charge. We provide all kinds of garage door repair, maintenance, and services in Des Moines .

Creative Garage ad Gates offers the best services to you. We provide the installation and repair services to you. We have professionals and well-trained workforce for this purpose. We are available for 24/7. Moreover, we give quick response to our clients. We do not procrastinate. If you want to get installed or repair any kind of garage door then contact us. We would be there for you in time.

Installation services of garage door

The installation of garage door requires proper skills, knowledge and training. The garage installation is done in steps. All the steps of the procedures should be followed strictly. Otherwise, certain problems can arise. The garage area should be properly plotted. The reason behind is that plotting is very important as it is capable of eliminating the mistakes such as inappropriate placement of the outlet or light system. The complex system of wiring system can muddle the procedure only if the plotting is not performed accurately and you might just finish up spending your extra time and a lot of money to get the door installation correctly. Consequently, it is very necessary to consider the ample time to guarantee that garage area has been plotted very accurately. The other problem which as great chances of occurrence is the connection of lift motors to the wrong section. The lift motor should be placed at center as it reduces the bending as the panels moves. It is recommended to read the installation instructions before installing the garage door. At Creative Garage and Gates, you would get the perfect installation of garage door. We have very professional people at our site and they would cooperate with you and provide you best services of installation.

Garage Door Installation Des Moines, WA

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When your garage door is in need of replacement, you can count on Creative Garage Door & Gate Repair for professional installation. Give our Des Moines garage door installation team a call, and we’ll walk you through all the options to find the perfect garage door for your taste and budget. Selecting the right garage door and installation service in Des Moines is stress-free with the affordable options from Creative Garage Door & Gate Repair.

Repair services of garage doors

There is a bundle of garage door repair services provided by our company for the repair and replacement of these parts of garage doors. The various of garage door can get distorted due to intense temperature, humidity, cold, improper maintenance or due to the gradual wear and tear with time. The springs helps in raising and lowering the garage door. The springs break due to improper maintenance, rusting and general wear and tear. The cables get strained due to old age or rustiness. The strained cables are very risky. The bent or broken parts of the door can be repaired on very same day. If there is need of replacement then complemented parts to that of original door would be placed. The loud doors often arise due to many issues such as lack of lubrications, complications with mechanism of spring lines or lack of alterations to door track. The off-track door is repairable and it should be done in time. We are highly effectual in resetting your door so that it may operate properly. Additionally, we also provide free onsite survey. We would investigate the problems and then put the right solution for it. We can repair the springs, cables, tracks, dents and other parts of the garage door.

Gate Services Des Moines, WA

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Our automatic gate services in Des Moines are all-inclusive and affordable. We provide gate installation, gate automation, and gate repair services to the residents and businesses of Des Moines. Our Des Moines gate service technicians have years of gate services experience and are equipped with the latest equipment for your Des Moines gate. Give yourself the peace of mind and security that a properly functioning automatic gate provides.

Electric Gate Installations Des Moines, WA

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When you make the decision to install an automatic gate we hope you choose Creative Garage Door & Gate Repair. With almost 15 years of providing automatic gate installation in the Des Moines area, Creative Garage Door & Gate Repair has the experience to guide you through the new automatic gate installation process from choosing your design to automating your gate in Des Moines.

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